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Baders War

Douglas Bader remains the most famous fighter pilot Britain has ever known. He lost both of his legs in a flying accident in 1931, but overcame his disability and returned to the RAF in 1939, rising to command a fighter squadron and then the first RAF fighter wing during the Battle of Britain. Shot down and made a prisoner of war, he made numerous escape attempts and became so aggravating to his German captors that he was held in Colditz Castle. Widely recognised for his exploits during the war, he became even more famous from the 1950s onward as a result on a bestselling biography that served as the basis of the hit film Reach for the Sky.

This book makes use of new memoirs, interviews and documents that have only recently become available, and which help shed further light on various episodes in his life, providing an unbiased portrayal of this fascinating man.

S.P. Mackenzie (Author)
Paperback 192 pages


Baders War
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