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Bader silk scarf

This 100% silk scarf is inspired by the polka dot scarf often seen worn in cravat style by the famous Battle of Britain pilot Sir Douglas Bader. The polka dot print design features on both sides of the scarf.

Bader is one of the most famous pilots associated with RAF Duxford. Despite losing both his legs in a flying accident, he became a successful pilot and led a squadron during the Battle of Britain.

Although today it would be seen as a purely stylish accessory, a pilot’s silk scarf was a practical piece of clothing. A pilot would be constantly moving his head to check on his surroundings and the silk would protect his neck from chafing against his leather jacket.

Comes with a black presentation box.

Made from 100% silk. 30cm (width) x175cm (length)
Bader silk scarf
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