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Replica Sopwith Camel propeller

Our large replica Sopwith Camel propeller would make a striking addition to any room. 118cm (3’8”) long, it has a pine wood finish in French distressed honey. The tips are painted in contrast colours with an original 1920’s manufacturer’s decal. The date and factory code have been punched at the centre for true authenticity.

The Sopwith Camel was a British single-seat fighter aircraft from the First World War, probably the most famous from the conflict. It got its name from the hump-shaped metal fairing over its two machine gun breeches, intended to stop the guns freezing at high altitude. It is acclaimed for shooting down the most enemy aircraft during the First World War. For good luck, the propeller would often be kept as a trophy or memento.

Replica Sopwith Camel propeller
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