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Battleship top trumps

Find out who's got the most fire power with these battleship top trumps. They are educational cards about a variety of battleships containing elements of best and worst aspects of the ship.

We've got famous warships like the USS George Washington and the HMS Belfast; high-tech stealth ships like the Visby Corvette and the Zumwalt; and even the odd submarine, prowling the ocean's floor. And not forgetting some of the stars of the big screen, from the Battleship Potemkin to the USS Sampson from the movie “Battleship” – and a few “classified” ships that, well, you'll have to play the pack to discover. Battleships Top Trumps – no skipper in the world should be without them.

A great game for kids and adults alike to play together whilst learning about naval warfare.

Suitable for 8 years and up.

L 2.4cm  x W 23.5cm  x D 27.5 cm

Weight 118 g

Made in the UK
Battleship top trumps
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