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Overlord - D-Day and the Battle for Normandy

6 June 1944: the date that marked the beginning of the end of the war in north-west Europe, and the day on which the liberation of France began.

Re-live the story of D-Day with this lavish 128 page full-colour volume, published to commemorate the 70th Anniversary. Travel through the pre-invasion preparation, the landings themselves, and subsequent battle for control of Normandy as seen through the eyes of the world’s leading military and aviation artists.

The drawings and paintings illustrating this new volume have been assembled from the archives of the Military Gallery, the world’s foremost aviation and military art publisher. Established in 1975 the Military Gallery is credited with establishing the genre of military and aviation paintings published as limited edition prints, personally autographed by the veterans who have served so heroically.

Together with specially commissioned pieces, these images form the backbone of an unrivalled anthology of artistic work depicting the events of D-Day. The paintings and drawings included are from the studios of five highly talented artists whose work helps to impart some of the emotion that photographs so often fail to capture: Robert Taylor, Anthony Saunders, Simon Smith, Chris Collingwood and Richard Taylor. These exceptional images help knit together this account of the Allied Invasion of Normandy, creating a visually inspiring masterpiece.

128 Pages

Overlord - D-Day and the Battle for Normandy
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