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The First World War in Focus - Rare and Unseen Photographs

The First World War was the first conflict to be extensively photographed. Advances in technology meant that cameras became pocket-sized and the introduction of roll film meant there was no longer the need for a dark room. Photography went mainstream and soldiers were ready to capture their experiences in war first hand. At the same time, warring nations were realising how effective a tool photograpy could be for propaganda purposes, as well as how detrimental to morale the publication of certain photographs may be.

Showcasing 100 rare and unseen photographs from the IWM archive, The First World War in Focus presents iconic events, such as the historic Christmas truce of 1914 and the devastating Battle of the Somme, from lesser-known angles. Many of these were taken by military personnel using their personal cameras and have never before been published. From the home front to Samoa and China, this collection shows the true extrent of the First World War by bringing unusual aspects of the conflict to light.

The First World War in Focus - Rare and Unseen Photographs
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