The Hurricane Girls
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The Hurricane Girls

The extraordinary true story of the last surviving 'Attagirls' who risked their lives flying planes from the factory to the front line during WWII.

While their husbands, brothers and sweethearts fought in Europe and their mothers, sisters and friends kept the home fires burning, for the first time, a group of remarkable women took to the skies. They weren't allowed into combat but risked their lives in often bad weather and without radios to bring their boys the aircraft they so vitally needed.

Employed by the Air Transport Auxiliary, these women were known as 'attagirls'. They proved that women too could master Spitfires, Mosquitoes and Hawker Hurricanes, forging a new path in aviation.

The Hurricane Girls is the fascinating, moving and inspirational story of bravery, determination and remarkable women.


The Hurricane Girls
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