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Aunties War - The BBC during the Second World War

The British Broadcasting Corporation is a British institution unlike any other, and its story during the Second World War is also our story. This was Britain's first total war, engaging the whole nation, and the wireless played a crucial role in it.

For the first time, news of the conflict reached every living room - sometimes almost as it happened; and at key moments - Chamberlain's announcement of war, the Blitz, the D-Day landings - the BBC was there, defining how these events would pass into our collective memory. Auntie's War is a love letter to radio. While these were the years when 'Auntie' - the BBC's enduring nickname - earnt her reputation for bossiness, they were also a period of truly remarkable voices: Churchill's fighting speeches, de Gaulle's broadcasts from exile, J. B. Priestley, Ed Murrow, George Orwell, Richard Dimbleby and Vera Lynn.

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Aunties War - The BBC during the Second World War
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