Blackbird Digital Watch 3
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Blackbird Digital Watch

A workhouse timepiece, the Blackbird Digital Watch includes compass markings, electroluminescent backlighting, and is water resistant up to 100m, meaning it will take anything you can throw at it. Its strap is made of durable plastic and its bezel includes easily accessible buttons so you can take control under any condition.

The segmented display lets you easily asses the time, your calendar and any countdown or stopwatch settings that may be active. 

Its design is inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird, the world’s fastest and highest flying air-breathing manned aircraft, built in secret and flown by the US Air Force to the very edge of space. The watch's orange detailing gives a pop of colour that takes influence from the iconic Blackbird pilots suits.

Comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Full list of features:

• Digital movement
• Compass markings
• EL backlight
• 5 alarms
• Countdown timer
• Stopwatch
• 10 tempo pacer
• 100m water resistant

Size: W 51mm x D 15mm

Blackbird Digital Watch
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