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Battle of Britain board game

Battle of Britain simulates the epic air battles of 1940 between the planes of Germany’s Luftwaffe and Great Britain’s RAF. Players will either command the German Luftwaffe or the British RAF manouvering detailed, plastic miniature planes around a board.

As the Luftwaffe commander, a player must carefully plan, organize, and coordinate flights and send the German Luftwaffe on dangerous missions over Great Britain.

As the British commander, a player must decide where and when to hazard his meagre fighter forces to stop the seemingly limitless German bombers and save Britain from the possibility of invasion.

Players: 2-4
Play time: 90-120 mins
Complexity: Easy to medium 

Paper, card and plastic playing pieces

Suitable for ages 12+ 

Box size: 37cm x 27.5cm x 8.5cm 2.5 kg

Battle of Britain board game
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