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The Merlin Engine Spitfires Handbook

The inside story of the most famous engine/aircraft combination in history is told in The Merlin Engine Spitfires Handbook. Using original RAF 'Pilot's Notes' this handbook reproduces the unabridged content, typography and illustration of those historic documents.

Covering the Mk1 Spitfire, the Mk9 Spitfire and the Mk16 Spitfire, the reader can see the progression and development of the Spitfire - from the first pre-war version with its Merlin II engine, to the ultimate Spitfire/Merlin combination the 1943 Spitfire 16 with its American-built Packard Merlin 266. 

The Merlin Engine Spitfires Handbook puts the reader into the cockpit of these iconic aircraft, seeing the very documents those Spitfire pilots had to hand as they flew and fought in possibly the best-known fighter aircraft of all time, a witness to the increasing power and capability of this supreme engine/aircraft pairing.

Hardback 160 pages
The Merlin Engine Spitfires Handbook
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