sergeant bill the white goat soft plush toy
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Sergeant Bill the goat soft toy

This cuddly plush toy of Sergeant Bill the Goat, one of the Second World War's most notable animal heroes, is super soft and sustainable as it's made from recycled materials.

On 23 August 1914, soldiers taking a train to fight spied a handsome goat pulling a cart along beside the tracks. Persuading his owner, Bill became their mascot and went off to war inside an empty orange crate.

At the front Bill, like the soldiers, endured all the discomforts of war, including gas, trench foot and shell shock, and twice he was wounded by shrapnel. But he was always with the troops, keeping their spirits up. The men so admired Bill that in February 1915 they gave him the honorary rank of sergeant.

When peace was declared, Bill returned to Canada and marched with his men in a victory parade, wearing a special blue coat with sergeant’s stripes. The soldiers returned him to his original owner, who looked after him for the rest of his days. Bill received many awards for his bravery, including the 1914/1915 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Size: H10cm x L17cm X W 8cm

Made in Indonesia

Sergeant Bill the goat soft toy
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