top secret secret angent spy kit boxed main image top secret agent spy kit documents and briefcase top secret agent spy kit glasses badge, id card notes and invisible ink pen top secret agent spy kit colour code messages and magnifying glass readers
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Special agent kit

This special agent spy kit is a brilliant gift for the curious child and budding Bond, who loves spy films and dreams of being a top secret double 0 agent one day!

 Kit  contains:
 • Colour coded message kit
 • Rear view spy glasses
• Fingerprint kit
• Invisible pen
 • I.D Card, Badge,
 • Moustache disguise (not recommended for application on sensitive skin)
• Cut out and keep secret agent briefcase.

Card, Plastic, Paper, Ink

Size: L 30 cm x W26.6 cm x D 5 cm

Made in China
Special agent kit
£ 15.00
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