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Decrypto board game

Decrypto is a decryption and communication based board game perfect for 3 or more players aged 12 and over. Your mission: transmit secret codes to your teammates without letting the opposing team intercept.

Set in a world of dials, monitors, transmitters and other 1960’s James Bond-style spy paraphernalia, Decrypto is a "scramble communication" game: you must give clues to your teammates that are precise enough, so they can understand you, but vague enough, to make sure your opponents don't get the message.

The key to this game is you will need to make sure your communications are clear enough for your team to understand but vague enough to confound your opponents!

3-8 players

Time: 15-45 Minutes
Age: 12+

Size: L16cm  x W23 cm

Weight: 450 g
Decrypto board game
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