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RAF leather Irvin Flying Jacket

The Irvin flying jacket, made from sheepskin shearling leather, was designed for RAF pilots who were flying higher, longer and faster than ever before.

Originally invented by Leslie Leroy Irvin, his jacket was made with heavyweight sheepskin and thick natural wool to combat the increasing altitudes and lower temperatures Royal Air Force pilots found themselves in. However, Irvin also insisted on the most supple sheepskin to ensure freedom of movement in cramped cockpits.

The Irvin jacket was a masterpiece of design, maximum warmth and comfort combined with maximum mobility. The unique ‘Irvin’ woven label sewn inside this jacket guarantees that it is an authentic reproduction of a legendary piece of RAF and aviation history.

Irvin was producing his jackets at Letchworth and supplied the RAF during the Battle of Britain and through most of the Second World War. You can see some of his originals in the IWM Collection both here, and here

This jacket is made from brown sheepskin and is fully lined with sheepskin wool and includes brown cowhide bindings. All seams are overlock stitched and bound with soft cowhide.

Do not dry clean. Care instructions included and also available on request.

Manufactured in the UK.

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Size (Chest): Nape to jacket base  Sleeve (from top of arm)
 38" (96cm) 67cm  60cm
 40" (101cm) 67cm  60cm
 42" (106cm) 68.5cm  61cm
 44" (111cm) 68.5cm  61cm
 46" (116cm) 70cm  62cm
 48" (121cm) 71cm  63.5cm
 50" (126cm) 71cm  63.5cm
 52" (131cm) 71cm  63.cm

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