World War II (Eyewitness Guides)
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World War II (Eyewitness Guides)

This engaging and educational book for children age 9 and over describes the events and key players leading up to, during, and after World War 2.

Find out about the "Blitzkrieg" - or lightning war - and its devastating consequences. Discover what life was like for children during World War 2. Marvel at the code-breakers and how they devised groundbreaking technology to help nations gain an advantage over their enemies.

Revisit major events such as the Battle of Britain, D-Day invasion, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the use of the first atomic bombs in Japan. Finally, learn lessons from the aftermath of World War 2 and how they impact you - and people everywhere - today.

This best-selling and comprehensive book for kids is packed with fascinating photographs, amazing facts, infographics, statistics, and timelines. It also includes a giant fold-out poster, ideal for bedrooms or classrooms.


World War II (Eyewitness Guides)
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