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Real Poppy Pendant

Discover a beautifully crafted Poppy Pendant, an exquisite piece of sterling silver jewelry adorned with real poppy flowers. These flowers have been meticulously cultivated, delicately dried, and expertly set in resin and sterling silver to ensure their longevity.

Since the First World War, the poppy has stood as a powerful symbol of Remembrance. It was first sold as an artificial flower in 1921 and today, it is worn to honor those who have perished in conflicts since 1914. This tradition is most prominently observed in the UK and Canada.

The pendant arrives in an elegant gift box, making it a perfect Remembrance Necklace. As it is crafted from real flowers, slight variations in color and appearance may occur. The pendant measures 2.5cm (1“) by 3.5cm (1.4“), and the chain is 45cm (17.7“) long.

Wearing this pendant not only brings a touch of natural beauty to your attire but also serves as a meaningful tribute to the lives lost in service to our countries.

Real Poppy Pendant
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