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Quickbuild D-Day P-51D Mustang

In 1940, Britain was fighting for its life against the Luftwaffe. British aircraft manufacturers couldn't keep up with the huge orders placed by the British Government. So they turned to American manufacturers like Curtiss and North American. Eventually, North American came forward with their own design for a brand new aeroplane.

The prototype was brought to the Air Fighting Development Unit (AFDU) at what is now IWM Duxford. It had great potential with a low-drag fuselage and laminar flow wing. The P-51 could fly and fight with British and American bombers all the way to Berlin and back again. Its range was so large that it even began to replace British Spitfires towards the end of the war. On their way back from escort duty Mustangs would also take out targets of opportunity like enemy trucks, barges, and trains. By 1944 the Allies had air superiority over Western Europe, thanks in part to the Mustang.

Airfix QUICKBUILD is an exciting range of simple, snap together models suitable as an introduction to modelling for kids (ages 5 and up), or as a bit of construction fun for the more experienced modeller. The pre-coloured pieces simply push together, without glue or paints, to build an impressive model which can then be decorated with the included self-adhesive stickers.


Parts Included: 38
Skill Level: 1
Scheme Options: 1

Item Height - Without Packaging (cm) 21.3
Item Height - Without Packaging (cm) 24.2
Item Width - Without Packaging (cm) 38

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Quickbuild D-Day P-51D Mustang
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