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Battle of Britain - A Visual History, Book from Imperial War Museums
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Battle of Britain - A Visual History

Published September 2022

'Hugely authoritative.....brilliantly researched.'  - Dan Snow

By summer of 1940, the Nazi Blitzkrieg had swept through much of western Europe, seizing control of territory right up to the Channel coast. A German invasion of Britain was expected to begin at any moment. But the key to success in such an invasion would be control of the skies over Britain – and the nation’s defenders were determined not to give in to their Nazi aggressors. The stage was set for one of the most important battles of the Second World War.

This highly illustrated book tells the heroic story of the air battle, as well as the Blitz bombing campaign which followed, through photographs, interviews, diary and letter extracts, film stills and artwork from the world-famous IWM archives. Personal testimony from those who lived through the famous ‘Spitfire Summer’ of 1940 brings to life this truly unique visual retelling of one of the crucial moments of the conflict.

Hardback 240 pages
Author - Anthony Richards

Battle of Britain - A Visual History
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