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The Ration Book Diet
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The Ration Book Diet

In 1939, Britain was preparing for war. As well as building aeroplanes and digging Anderson shelters, this meant managing food supplies for the home front. The Ministry of Food rose to the challenge, introducing rationing, encouraging the nation to dig for victory, and issuing cookbooks and health advice.

Drawing inspiration from Britain's 'finest hour', when the thrifty British housewife had to grow her own veg, stretch the butter ration and still keep her family fighting fit, this is both a social history of wartime dining and a collection of over sixty delicious and healthy seasonal recipes with a vintage twist.

Paperback, 144 pages

Mike Brown and Carol Harris are experts on the Second World War Home Front and co-authors of 'The Wartime House.' C.J. Jackson is a freelance food consultant, writer, and cook. She has written for BBC Good Food magazine and is the author of 'The Times Food for Feasts and Festivals.'
The Ration Book Diet
The Ration Book Diet
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