Wartime Christmas
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Wartime Christmas

Christmas has been regularly celebrated during wartime. From the Christmas truce of 1914 out in no-mans land on the Western Front, to POWs cooking up their very unique Christmas dinners with whatever they could get their hands on in German prisoner of war camps in the 1940s, the privations and difficulties caused by conflict has never stopped people indulging in a little Christmas cheer.

This highly illustrated book tells the stories of those who lived through these challenging times, when wrapping paper was banned, rationing was in force and children were separated from their families. Also included are tips and tricks to create recycled presents and greetings cards, and recipes to cook a delicious wartime Christmas meal. Wartime Christmas explores the dichotomy apparent in celebrating 'peace to all men' while continuing to fight a war of aggression.

By Anthony Richards

Paperback 176 pages
Wartime Christmas
Wartime Christmas
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