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COBI Vickers Wellington brick set

Introducing the COBI Vickers Wellington Mk.II, a remarkable model of the iconic British twin-engine WWII night bomber that saw extensive use throughout the war. This magnificent replica is built to a 1:37 scale and measures an impressive 53 cm in length with a wingspan of 71.5 cm, requiring 1,162 high-quality COBI construction blocks to complete.

This model is a true testament to the remarkable design of the original Vickers Wellington, which remained in production for the entire duration of WWII with various equipment modifications. The COBI model accurately captures the unique design features of the Wellington, from its low maneuverability to its remarkable resilience to damage sustained in combat.

This set also includes precise prints that won't rub off during play, featuring historical markings of the 305 Bomber Squadron of the Wielkopolska Region and Lidzka Marshal Józef Piłsudski, as well as nose art of a Duck carrying a bomb. The rotating propellers, folding wheels, and open cockpit add to the realism, while the hatch on the bottom of the plane allows for the placement of bombs inside.

With intuitive, step-by-step instructions based on illustrations, this set is easy to assemble and is fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks. The COBI Vickers Wellington Mk.II comes complete with two figures of pilots and a plate with the set's name printed on it.

Built with safety in mind, this model meets all safety standards for products intended for children. The COBI Vickers Wellington Mk.II is not just a fun toy, but a way to immerse oneself in history and recreate a defining moment in aviation history.

COBI Vickers Wellington brick set
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