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dakota plane model dakota plane model dakota plane model
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Dakota Metal Model 23cm (D-Day)

Introduced into service in 1936, the Douglas DC-3 revolutionised commercial aviation – accounting for 80% of the world’s airline traffic by 1940 – thanks to a combination of capacity, speed, range, and economical operation which finally made passenger travel profitable for airlines. These same qualities suited military use with the aircraft, designated C-47, providing the backbone of the Allies’ transport efforts throughout the second world war – most notably delivering paratroopers and towing gliders during the D-Day landings. Around 11,000 were built, and some can still be found in service around the world today.

The DC-3 desk sculpture has been cast in solid aluminium and polished to a high sheen such that its subtle curves and angles catch the light.

Dakota Metal Model 23cm (D-Day)
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