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Spitfire model desk plane Mk1a N3200

*IWM Exclusive

This stunning MK1A Spitfire Model was exclusively designed for the Imperial War Museum by Bravo Delta Models. Based in Devon in the UK, Bravo Delta designs unique models and is famed for making the finest model aircraft. Each aircraft is hand carved and painted to a meticulous and exacting specification. Once carved, up to 30 coats of premium automotive paint is used to create a stunning and authentic finish. In all over 50 man-hours of detailing goes into each model. 

This Bravo Delta Spitfire model was exclusively designed for the museum and is based on our very own Supermarine Spitfire N3200 QV. Geoffrey Stephenson, leader of 19 Squadron piloted Spitfire N3200 on its first operation as he led his squadron on a patrol to cover the evacuation of Allied forces during the Dunkirk evacuations during Operation Dynamo. 

After shooting down a Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive-bomber, Stephenson was himself shot down. He crash-landed on a beach at Sangatte, near Calais, and was captured. Stephenson remained a prisoner for the rest of the war, including a period spent at Colditz Castle, while his Spitfire gradually sank under the sand.

His Spitfire was recovered from the French sands in 1986 after strong currents revealed it, more than 45 years after it sank. After much work, this unique aircraft was restored to flying condition and returned to the air in 2014. In 2015 it was generously donated to IWM and the nation by Dr Kaplan and his family. This substantial gift enables the Spitfire to be treasured for generations to come, and for its story to continue to be told.

Watch our video on this very special Spitfire: The Spitfire lost for almost 50 years

N3200 is now used as a flying exhibit and based at Duxford and can be experienced through our, Spitfire N3200: The VIP Experience. 

Spitfire Model Specifications

Length: 40cm
Wingspan: 49cm
Scale: 1/22
Registration: N3200 QV
Pilot:  Geoffrey Stephenson

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Spitfire model desk plane Mk1a N3200
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